Q: How is the association managed?
A: A Board of five (5) unit owners, elected by the owners, volunteers its services to administer MCOA.  The Board elects its own officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer).  Board members serve terms of three years and may be re-elected.  In order that these duties not become onerous for any one individual, the Board expects unit owners to be willing to serve on a Board committee, if asked, or, once knowledgeable about MCOA, stand for election to the Board. 
The Board has the responsibility to maintain the Declaration and Bylaws and set the policies that enable the community to thrive. 

Q: What is included in the monthly association fee:
A: MCOA monthly fees cover (1) the general operating expenses and (2) capital projects (exterior painting, gutter and roof replacements, paving, and fences). MCOA does not offer electronic payments. 

Q: When are the fees due? 
A:  Fees are due the first of the month.  If not paid by the 10th, a late fee will be charged.  And if not paid by the end of the month, interest will be charged, as mandated by the Bylaws.

Q: What are special assessments?
A: From time to time and when circumstances warrant (for example, storm damage or unusually high snow removal costs), a special assessment will be levied upon unit owners to cover costs, which are either not in the operating budget or exceed the budgeted amount. 

Q: How is the property managed?
A: MCOA engages the services of Perennial Interiors, headed by Hope Hoffman, to oversee contractors for general maintenance; landscaping and tree services; pool maintenance; snow removal; trash removal; capital projects; and other routine services required to maintain the buildings and grounds.
Unit owners who have requests for external repairs and/or trouble reports should contact the President or Vice President of the Association directly and in writing.