Parking Guidelines

Parking Spots, Garages, and Driving within the complex

A vehicle tag program is in effect.  Residents’ cars MUST have tags. The purpose of this program is to identify vehicles legitimately parked on the grounds from those that are not.  Each unit may have two (2) parking tags.  If additional tags are needed, contact the MCOA Board.  Additional vehicles are always to be parked in the “remote” areas. Cars that are not current in their Pennsylvania registration and inspection may not be parked on the premises.

Each unit not having a garage is entitled to use two (2) surface parking spaces.  Each unit having a garage is entitled to use one (1) surface parking space.  The parking area in front of the garage is only for the use of the owner/renter and/or his/her guest.  Garage doors are to be kept closed when not in use.

There are no assigned parking spaces.  Parking is available in each of the circles for residents and in the four “remote” areas for tagged and visitors’ cars.  The remote areas are:

in front of the pool area;

across from the pool area, between units 22 and 36;

across from units 46-47;

across from units 60-64.

At no time should any vehicles be parked in front of the gates to the pool area and the trash enclosures or in front of a NO PARKING sign.

The MCOA Board may levy a fine on a unit owner who violates the parking rules on a recurring basis or have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.  The assessment will be $100 per day.  Residents who have trucks or commercial vans must park them off the premises.  No trucks or any other vehicle designated for commercial use, such as a commercial van, may be parked overnight on the grounds of Montrose Condominium.  Trucks and other commercial vehicles that are improperly parked are subject to towing at the expense of the vehicle owner. 

The Board wishes to encourage residents to be considerate of their neighbors with respect to parking. If you are going to be away for an extended period, consider parking your car(s) in the remote spaces.  Owners may obtain a temporary parking permit for guests, good for seven days.  If you have overnight guests, please instruct them to park in the remote areas.

Residents are reminded about the 10 MPH speed limit throughout the complex and the one-way traffic patterns in the circles.  Speeding is dangerous to other drivers and to pedestrians.  Please drive around these circles in a counter-clockwise manner.  Be alert to residents who are in the circles.