Renovations Guidelines

MCOA is responsible for all repairs and renovations to the exterior of the units.  Any alteration to the exterior of the unit is expressly prohibited unless plans have been submitted to and approved by the MCOA Board.  Such alterations include--but are not limited to--the deck, the mailbox, the front door, and skylights. 

Any unit owner who wishes to perform alteration(s) to the interior of her or his unit or units shall:

  • Refrain from making any alteration that will:
    • impair the structural integrity of the building or any mechanical or electrical system therein;
    • adversely affect the fire retardant or sound absorbent quality of the building;
    • lessen the support of any portion of the building; or,
    • violate any applicable law, ordinance, or government rule, regulation, or order.
  • Prepare and submit plans and specifications to the Board for approval prior to commencement of said alteration(s);
  • Obtain all necessary permits and expeditiously complete the alteration(s) in accordance with the Board-approved plans and specifications and without incurring any mechanics’ liens. Further, contractors engaged to perform the work must be fully covered by liability and/or workman’s compensation insurance and be appropriately licensed;
  • Pay the full cost of performing the alteration(s).

Construction and other work involving noise should be limited to the hours of 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.  No such work should be scheduled for a Sunday, with the exception of emergency repairs. Contractors’ vehicles are limited to one parking space near the unit.  All other contractor vehicles are to be parked off site.  No contractors’ vehicles may be left on the premises overnight.  There is a fine of $100 per night for this infraction.

The expenses of any repair necessitated by any construction project inside the home and any damage to the unit caused by any installation prohibited by the Declaration and Bylaws--whether internally and externally to the unit--will be borne by the owner.