Trash & Recycling Guidelines

Radnor Township recycling rules and regulations are available on the Documents page to the left

MCOA has three enclosures  for trash, recyclables (glass, certain plastic containers, metal cans), and paper (including newspapers, cardboard, cartons, and other paper products).  Radnor Township mandates sorting and picks up our trash and recyclables.  MCOA brings in special dumpsters each April to assist residents with their spring-cleaning and disposal of large items.

The trash and recyclables enclosures are located as follows, as indicated on the attached map:

  • Between units 5 and 6: green dumpsters for trash, blue barrels for recyclables;
  • At the pool enclosure: green dumpsters for paper (including newspapers, cardboard, cartons, and other paper products), blue barrels for recyclables;
  • Opposite units 48-49: green dumpsters for trash, blue barrels for recyclables.

Do not put newspapers or recyclables in the trash dumpsters.  Do not put trash and recyclables in the newspaper dumpsters.  Do not put recyclables in the barrels in plastic bags.  If you have helpers to clean your home, tell them about these guidelines.

Do not place paint cans or large items (such as mattresses, barbecue grills, car batteries, tires, TVs, computers, and furniture) in the trash enclosures because the township will not pick them up.  To arrange for the removal of such items, contact the Radnor Township Public Works Department directly (610-688-5600, ext. 155).

When residents do not properly sort and dispose of their household’s waste, additional labor is required for their removal.  Additional labor is also required for the removal of large items.  These labor costs are billed to MCOA, increasing our expenses.  Residents who repeatedly ignore the guidelines will be fined $50 per incident.

The property manager passes out on a seasonal basis a list of recycling guidelines.  Please retain that list and refer to it if you are in doubt about how to dispose of an item.